Sunday, August 23, 2009


This Being Without cigarettes Is Sheer Torture!

I posted a few times before about how the law of attraction worked for me when I wanted to have more cigarettes. Now that I am out of them again I think that I am trying too hard to manifest more cigarettes for myself!

I did manage to eat breakfast but I think that being without cigarettes is giving me the case of the munchies because I must have had 10 pancakes this morning for breakfast!

I have these little mint candies that I have been sucking on since Friday. And I really must have gained about 5 pounds during this weekend and the weekend is not even over with yet!

My mood is so witchy with a capital B! I'm angry, pissed offed and frustrated!

I have about 2 cents in my bank account which is not enough to buy anything cigarette-related! I have about 15 cents in my Paypal account - again its not enough to buy even the most cheapest pack of cigarettes!

I haven't received any donations lately - hint, hint?

On the good and positive side my Adsense money should be coming sometime in the next few days - which unfortunately is not soon enough for me but should be something that I am very grateful for because I earned this Adsense money by working from home. And as far as I can tell I should consider myself very lucky because it seems that a lot of people that use Adsense don't even make a lot of money doing it.

I think I'm kind of mad at the government too because first when I started smoking cigarettes were much more cheaper and the economy wasn't as bad. Now that we smokers have become addicted to cigarettes the government now decides that smoking is not good for us and keeps trying to think of ways - most notably increasing the prices - to get us to stop smoking!

Well that's not going to happen to me! While it may be more expensive to smoke I am still going to continue to smoke even if I can't afford it - I will just have to wait until I can afford it - which will be when I get my next Adsense check which will be in the next few days.

Until then I am in AGONY!

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Friday, August 21, 2009


I Am Out Of Cigarettes Again!

Yes I am out of cigarettes again! I just saw my previous blog post about how I made the law of attraction work for me and I am trying to do that again! Sometimes I think that I try too hard and that's why it doesn't work!

Like I said I am out of cigarettes (again) and I'm trying to keep my hopes up! I am anxiously awaiting my Adsense earnings but according to The Adsense Consultant, the soonest I can expect my Adsense payment is sometime next week which means it is going to be torture to get through the weekend! I am loathing it already!

I looked at my Paypal amount and its not enough to buy even the cheapest pack of cigarettes that I can find!

This being without cigarettes is making me feel so bad, angry, frustrated and very, very cranky!

I'm patiently trying to wait until I get my Adsense money but that is at least a few days away!

Oh, the suffering!

I seem to go through this kind of torture the same time every month - especially when I'm out of cigarettes but until I get the money to buy me some more cigarettes - I am definitely going to be in one foul mood!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


You Never Know Where Money Will Come From!

I have blogged a few times about how I try to use the law of attraction in getting me more cigarettes. Well it worked for me today!

Here is my law of attraction story for today!

I was running out of cigarettes but I kept trying to keep a positive attitude about it. I had enough cigarettes to last me for the rest of the day so I just decided to enjoy the moment and enjoy the day! (Although I was secretly hoping for more cigarettes to last me at least through the weekend.)

So I go and do some grocery shopping at the supermarket and guess what happened? There was a special coupon offer for $5 off of an item and I decided to buy it just for the coupon. Well the transaction didn't work and the manager gave me $5! How is that for proof that the law of attraction works!

Of course I am going to use that $5 to buy me some cigarettes!

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Friday, August 07, 2009


I'm Smoking A Cigarette Right Now!

Although I'm smoking a cheaper cigarette - I should say a cheaper brand of cigarette - it is definitely better than nothing at all! I'm currently smoking a brand called "Smokin Joes" and while it doesn't say that they are cigarettes they are called "filtered cigars". They are also menthol 100's.

Of course they are not as good as my regular brand of choice which is Kools but I'm grateful and thankful for having these - instead of not having any at all!

The Hummer cigarettes were my favorite standby cigarettes (actually they are branded as little cigars too) because they were the cheapest that I could buy at around $1.60 cents a pack! BUT the store that I used to buy them from are no longer selling them!

There was another, cheaper brand of cigarette that I could buy at my local Rite Aid store at $1.05 (I forgot the name of the brand) but that price went up to $3 and some change! So I don't even think of buying that brand anymore!

On the positive side I took a look at my Adsense earnings today and I had a very good day as far as my Adsense earnings were concerned!

So I am in good spirits today! I still have a few packs of cigarettes to last me for a while - which is very good news! As a matter of fact I had to deal with one of my bill creditors on the phone and having the cigarettes to smoke while I dealt with them worked in my favor because I got a great result from that phone call!

So I am in a very good mood today!

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